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Overcoming Public Record Challenges

Gail and Steve, parents in a household with 4 children, found themselves unable to get approval for a mortgage because of some public records about some liens posted against their previous house (issues with the prior owner that appeared after they purchased the home).

They contacted Credit Furst to see if we could help clear the public record issues up, and we went to work right away.

I wanted to thank you for getting me and my husband’s credit cleaned up. We recently used our FICO scores for a mortgage application and we had a 733. Clearly an improvement over the 654 in January! I will recommend you to others! Thank you again!

Gail A.
Palos Verdes, CA

Within a month, the records were cleaned and Gail’s credit score rose by almost 80 points, freeing the family up to get a new mortgage and move into a new home a few weeks later.

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Qualifying for Additional Home Equity Line

Our client Rey came to us last year in hopes of bolstering her credit to obtain a home equity line that would enable her to remodel her bathroom and kitchen.

What a great experience. Your staff was knowledgeable, supportive and best of all available when we needed it the most. The best part was seeing my credit jump from a 593 to a 760. We will definitely be recommending you to our family and friends. You far exceeded our expectation!

Rey R.
Carson, CA

We found issues on her credit report that were not really hers, and we also worked with some of the creditors to remove some other issues. In the end, her credit score rose dramatically and she was approved by the bank after a few weeks.

Credit Furst: Improve Your Credit Score to Buy a New Home

First Time Home Buyer

Earlier this year, Yakov came to us in search of help in getting a home mortgage approved. Yakov had read that credit repair services were shady, but after speaking with us, he felt comfortable that we could help. We looked over his credit report, had a pair of conference calls with him to discuss what we saw, and then went to work.

I can’t say thank you enough for helping me with my credit. I was a little hesitant because of the stories I’ve heard about using credit services. Boy, was I mistaken. I just closed my loan with my broker. Thanks for the expedited service too…I will recommend you to all my family, friends and whoever asks.

Yakov T.
Brooklyn, NY

Within a month, we had corrected several issues on his credit report, and his credit score jumped significantly. When the bank ran his credit the next time, they couldn’t believe it. He got his loan approved, purchased a home and moved in a month later. Credit Furst delivered!

Mortgage Denied…

A client came to Credit Furst in April 2016. He informed us that he couldn’t qualify for a mortgage due to his low scores (caused by 2 charge-offs). When we started our process, scores came back from the credit bureaus as 669, 668 and 626.

We went to work on the case, and just 3 months later, we ran the reports again to find a huge improvement in scores… They had gone up to 797,760 and 803.

Credit Furst: Improve Your Credit Score to Purchase a Car

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